Best Wedding Wishes | Marriage Quotes with Text Messages

Best Wedding Wishes | Marriage Quotes with Text Messages

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Best Wedding Wishes | Marriage Quotes for New Couple

Best Wedding Wishes | Marriage Quotes with Text Messages are the best way looking for. Not only are wedding wishes but they also are excellent relationship builders. On this page you will get a large collection of Best Wedding Wishes | Marriage Quotes for a newly married couple. Marriage day is almost certainly the most significant day for a couple. Let them know how happy you are about this extraordinary event in their life. Hot & sincere wishes will help to state your feelings

Best Wedding Wishes | Marriage Quotes with Text Messages

Best Wedding Wishes | Marriage Quotes with Text Messages


 Getting married is like wandering an unfamiliar town: never know what you’ll find but always hope for something special. I believe you’ll find a real treasure. Congratulations!

Since the beginning of times wedding ceremony was especially honoured. It means that marriage and love are very powerful things which influence people and even history a lot. May your holy marriage union be always blessed!

Family life is like building a house, brick by brick. It’ll require a lot of patience and time to build a strong and everlasting one. And whether it’s going to be a wretched hovel or a royal palace depends on you.

Nowadays people have more rights and freedoms in issues related to marriage. Everyone has an opportunity to get divorced if the marriage is unhappy. But I wish that you’d never have to take this opportunity. May your marriage be the most amazing time in your life!

Wishing you a very long and happy marriage full of trust, laughter, joy and especially love, good luck on your marriage, and cheers to your future together!

Your marriage happened for a reason, nothing happens on accident, you two should be happy you have each other! I am very proud of you, and good luck in the future!

Don’t stop holding each other’s hands on hard times,
because those are the times you both need each other
more than ever before, don’t turn your backs on each other
it doesn’t work that way, I wish you an amazing marriage!

You won’t be a good couple if you don’t accept each other for who you really are,
you both have to be yourselves, and not try to change each other, because if you do, you won’t be happy.

Love from the first sight is great, but successful and happy marriage on the first try is so much greater. Congratulations on your wedding!

Love is when you want to spend the whole life with your honey and then grow old together. Love is when aging doesn’t scare you. May your marriage bring you much happiness and true love!

You two are now together for life, ’till death do you part, you look very happy together, but know that it won’t be all rainbows and sunshine, there will be storms and thunder so be ready!

You two are amazing together, you have fight, like all people do, but what is amazing is that you stay together, faithful and happy, you are an inspiration!

Your marriage is like a miracle, it wasn’t planned, but it happened for a reason. And that reason is your future together! Good luck creating it!

May this special day be the beginning of the happiest time of your life!

May you always have the most wonderful moments, that togetherness may bring!

The most horrible mistake one can ever make is let the love go. Hold on to it as it’s the last hope on the planet. And it really is. Congratulations on the wedding!

Some people collect coins, others collect cars… But the most wonderful collection one can ever have is the collection of happy years in marriage. Congratulations!

Being a good spouse and parent is the hardest work on Earth, but the reward is worth it. Because laugh and happiness of the loved ones are the most valuable pay for all your pains and efforts.

Just as flowers droop without water, marriage dies without kindness and generosity. This simple rule will lead you to harmony and happiness.
Congratulations on the wedding!

You two are married for a reason, God has something very special planed for you two, you just have to see it in the future, good luck finding happiness and joy, because you need those thing in your life!

Never let each other feel alone, because that is the worst feeling in the world, you two are a married couple, you have to be together through ups and downs.

You two are a miracle, your marriage is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, just like your love, its very amazing how two people who were once strangers can love each other so much, good luck!

On this special day we wish you never-ending happiness in your new life as husband and wife!

Wishing you never-ending love, that will bloom and shine on you all your life!

May your marriage bring you two more joy, laughter and happiness than you could ever imagine!

Wishing you are one of those couples from fairy-tales, which ends with „happily ever after“.

May your life be full of joy and abundant love, congratulations on your big day, my dear friends!

Always try to keep each other happy, then God will bless your family abundantly!

Starting from today there will be no „I“, there will be only „We“.
The warmest congratulations on your wedding day!

May God keep you safe and bless your marriage with peace, joy and happiness!

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